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Courtyard Dancers
Kathak and Neo-classical
Pallabi Chakravorty
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Courtyard Dancers creates and stages contemporary Indian dance
based on classical and folk forms. We are interested in
developing communities of artists and audiences who experience
dance in terms of both aesthetic and civic engagement. We believe
that artistic creations should respond to social change. We
juxtapose the beauty of the classical forms with everyday
movements to create our own collages of life. Our vision is to
make dance relevant to lived experiences. While we work with
Indian dance forms that are deeply rooted in traditions, we mold
them to engage the contemporary. We believe that tradition and
contemporary are not oppositional, but are best understood as
legacies, connections, and transformations. Our works strive to
dissolve binaries of east and west, and mind and body, without
losing cultural specificity. We strive for sustainable and
pluralistic communities that can acknowledge and bridge
differences. We offer regular classes, workshops, research,
performance opportunities, and dialogue. We hope to take Indian
dance to a new era of understanding, exchange, and excellence.